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30 minutes - $45.00
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Seifukujutsu Massage:

Seifukujutsu massage is a healing system that has been practiced by the warrior masters of Japan for more than 1500 years. A key aspect of traditional jujitsu, Seifukujutsu massage is a comprehensive treatment that is used as both a restorative and as a treatment for muscle sprains, strains, and non-displaced fractures. It combines both ancient and modern approaches to deep tissue massage and includes hydrotherapy (hot packs, steam room treatments, and high pressure water spray are some of the methods used) for healing.

Swedish Massage:

Swedish massage, known generically as "relaxation massage” or simply "massage," is the most popular form of therapeutic massage treatment. The technique involves the use of long, flowing strokes, often in the direction of the heart, along with kneading and circular movements, all using massage lotion or oil to minimize friction. The main goal of Swedish massage is to increase oxygen flow in the blood and to release toxins from the muscles. It is usually used to warm up the tissues before deeper or more specific modalities like deep tissue massage are used. Because Swedish massage improves flexibility and circulation, it is used most often for its superior relaxation benefits.

Deep Tissue Massage:

Areas of the body that have undergone heavy strain or experience chronic pain benefit most from deep tissue massage, which directly targets specific muscles and muscle bundles. The technique involves the use of short strokes and intense pressure on key areas of the muscle and the surrounding connective tissues. It’s not uncommon for clients to feel sore for several days after a deep tissue massage session, but the healing benefits can be well worth it.

Sports Massage:

Sports massage is specifically designed for those who regularly engage in intense physical activity, but is not limited to professional athletes. Physically active individuals who work out often can also benefit from this type of treatment. The focus is not on relaxation but on preventing and treating injuries, enhancing athletic performance, and loosening muscles to increase flexibility. Sports massage combines several massage techniques, and utilizes measured stretching as one of its key components.